Hitting the 1.5 year old mark. Darren is now 18 months!

Lil B @ 18 months 1 week 3 days

In a blink of an eye, my little B is now 18 months. Boy, he has truly mature in the last few months.

Measured on 25 May when he had his vaccine @ 16 months

Height: 85.5cm

Weight: 12.215kg

HC: 50cm

The last update I did on Darren was when he was a mere 15 months old tot. In the last 3 months, Darren has gone through a growth spurt. He really grow by leaps and bounds. From a little tot oblivious of his surroundings, suddenly he showed so much interest in our day to day activity. When he was about 16 months or so, he started following simple instructions from us. Simple things like ‘Take the paper and throw into the rubbish bin”, “Take the remote control and switch on the aircon”… He has no problem digesting all these instructions.

His dexterity is good. He can ‘run’ around the house. after months of practising, I must say he could run pretty steadily now. Nonetheless, our heart still skip a beat whenever his running pace went beyond our tolerance level. Gosh, this boy can run! He’s such an energiner bunny which never runs out of batt. Lately, he discovered the joy of jumping on the bed after seeing how much fun the brother gets doing it. Just a couple of hours, he hit his face on the bed panel in the play room and bruised his cheek bone. He cried buckets. Hopefully he learn a lesson or two there, I hope.

I noted Darren has like 12 teeth when he was 15 months. I seriously lost count how many teeth he has now. Probably the full set of 20 baby teeth, I need to confirm on that though as I’m not sure if the second molars are out. Nevertheless, I already started him on a proper oral hygiene. I uses the baby tooth brush (graduated from tooth wipes and finger tooth brush) with Earth Best Toddler ToothPaste which is safe to swallow. He absolutely love the taste of it.


Lil B is also getting better at self feeding. He’s very interested in food, a true foodie. During meal times, he’s given his bowl and spoon, filled with tiny bites of his food. He started doing that since he was 13 months. Now he’s pretty much mastered the skill. Still pretty messy but he’s getting there. He’ll be busy scooping and feeding himself away while Loida feeds him his food on the high chair. Hopefully by doing that consistently, he will learn to sit through his (our) meal; unlike his kor kor who is so spoilt when it comes to meal time (another post on that).

After months of training, Darren is now a pro at self feeding. I’m so proud of my little boy. Compared to the elder brother, Darren is definitely more independant. The elder brother was still fed during dinners until he was about 3.


Darren’s sleeping pattern is pretty managable. His bed time pretty much depends on what time he wakes up from his afternoon nap. Nowadays I try to wake him up by 4.30pm so he would be sleepy by 9pm. Otherwise, his bed time can drag till 10.30pm.

Darren has no problem skipping his nap neither will he show any crankiness. He’s such a joy to bring around. His waking hours can easily stretched 6-8 hours without him being cranky. It happened during our Phuket trip whereby he only took one nap in a day (around 12noon) and he was literally awake throughout the day until late at night (around 9pm) before he crashed and call it a day. He is definitely much more managable than Ryan when the elder brother was at this age.

Enrichment Class

Darren is still attending Kindermusik Village Baby class. He is expected to graduate from the class and advance to Toddler class. After one term, this term he showed more interest in the activities and increased participation.


Lil B is a true foodie. He eats everything we eat, including Durian. When we were in Phuket last week, we had no worries about his food. He’s definitely the opposite of Ryan.

At home whenever he is hungry, he will make a fuss and pull me to the next room to the coner where the milk and bottles are kept. He will point to the milk indicating he wants milk. When I asked him, ‘Are you hungry? You want milk?”.. his standard answer will be ‘Y.E.A… After I’ve made him the milk, he will insist to hold the bottle and run next door showing off to his kor kor he’s got the milk. A really cute sight. This is the moment when I wish time can PAUSE.


There are definitely more interaction with Darren nowadays. Our communication with this little boy is no longer a one way street. He showed us he could understand and comprehend what we were talking about, or want him to do. There is definitely more fun and noise in the house lately.

Lil B’s vocab is still limited. Some of the notable words he uses:

- Yea (meaning Yes. It’s funny when we ask him Yes or No, his answer is definitely ‘Y.E.A’…..)

- Tee (tree)

- Car (his first word)

- Eat

- Kor Kor

- Yeh Yeh

- Mah Mah

- Ka Ka (Kakak – refers to Loida)

- Na Na (he refers me to Na Na.. no idea why. Of everyone in the house, he is still not calling his Daddy and Mommy)

- Hot

- Cold

- Aw (refers to Dog)

- Darren also likes scribbling the paper with crayons, pencils etc, especially so when he sees his brother doing work at the desk. Judging from the frequency of him prefering to use his left hand on the activities (both fine and gross motor skills, we are expecting another leftie in the family (Ryan is the other one).

- Darren is a huge huge Barney aficionado. He loves Barney I Love You song. everytime he hears the song, his body will be swaying from left to right. The Barney plush toys we bought for Ryan last time (Ryan’s love for Barney was pretty short stint) which never really got appreciated can finally be handed down to a more appreciative owner. If we pass him an iPad, he will tap on Youtube icon and run the Barney shows on it. Besides Youtube, his other favourite apps on iPad has to be Photobooth.

In a nutshell, Darren is a very shy boy. Just the other day, his Kindermusik teacher was complimenting how sweet Darren is in class. She noted Darren is very gentle in class something which I noticed too. At times he will come to me, give me a hug and put his head on my shoulder.

@ 16 months


@ 17 months




@ 18 months

photo (2)


photo (3)
Both of them are huge Tutti Fruitti Frozen Yogurt fans. Ryan made funny face. He looked like a long neck turtle there :P

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  1. Darren is really a cutie!! After my youngest bro saw him that day at MV, he loves him..he kept telling me little Darren is sooooo cuteee….hahaha..

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