Adieu City, Hello Wish

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Yeah.. finally bid farewell to my City last Saturday. Wasn’t really a hard separation (Hahaha…. explained as if it’s some break up story). Anyway, anyway.. there goes .. Adieu City.

As soon as we dropped off the car at SS19, we went straight home, freshened up, left Ryan with PIL and very “kan cheong” zoom-zoomed straight to UMW in Sri Petaling. Before we reached, I actually called the SA (his name is Alvin – very nice guy). I said to Alvin – “Alvin.. I don’t want to see any finger prints or scratches on the car ya. He assured me “No prob la Yvonne, even the fly can slip from the car – all smooth and silky”. Yeah yeah.. sales talk. We’ll see.

When we reached, the car was nicely parked outside the showroom. Hmm.. from a distant, not bad not bad.. sparkling shine.. but then… after a quick close-up.. arrghhhhhh…oucccchhh!!!! Guess what?? Many tiny little finger prints literally screaming at me. They were all over the rear windows. Arrgghh… Don’t get me wrong leh. I am usually quite nice but because it was a ‘Open Day’ at UMW last weekend, there were whole lot of people okayyy – I have no choice but to assert my buyer’s rights. Soo.. what else. Summoned Alvin la.. Our friend was busy signing order with another client. Do not want to make a scene I gave face.. afterall just finger prints ma (I consoled myself). With the extra minutes before Alvin came, I methodically checked through in and out, out and in, side to side, left right, up down… okie.. all good except finger prints and the number plate (mine don’t have chrome lining!!!!).

Poor guy Alvin came and suggested we go for a drink so he could give the car another round of a handsome make over. After 20 minutes, we came back. Oki la.. this time all good. But I am still not happy with the number plate at which he agreed to help me change on Monday when I send my car for tinting.

Anyways, all good. Happily drove home with new car. Yoohoooooo… !!!!

(Oh, Hubs actually drove..not mummy. Why?? I think one who knows me well can easily guessed. Hehehee…).

Well, a quick review of my first impression of the car here:

* Power – Of course more ‘powderful’ than City. 2L vs 1.5L. But I find the car jerks a little when I accelerate.

* Space – On paper, Wish is not that much longer than City. However it feels longer due to the extra row of seats. Nonetheless, the downside of that is of course not having a huge boot space that I used to take advantage of during my City days – now it’s just literally enough space for Ryan’s stroller only. Sigh.. Oh, but but to give credit to Wish, it is by far the most spacious MPV in terms of leg room compared with Mazda 5 and Honda Stream (the other two models we also considered).

* Air Con – Much has been said that the flow of air-con can’t reach the rear row. My personal experience confirmed that is not entirely true. With the new air con booster switch it actually feels quite cooling at the back.

* Design – Aiyah.. this one. Thumbs up to Wish. No contest. (Oh, I actually prefer Mazda’s design. slurp, slurp..).

* Fuel Consumption – Hmm.. my first full tank was RM105. We’ll see how it performs in about a week’s time.

Hmm.. generally the cars feels good to handle and I think Ryan is more happy in a more roomy car. At least can play peek-a-boo with MaMa during our weekend rides.

Hehehe.. oki.. found one pic on my phone. “Teng Chue Sin” la… Check out

More pics to come when I upload it later… it’s in my other camera. Stay tuned.

Note to Ryan: Hmm.. wonder by the time you read this post, mummy is still driving the car. Heeheee.. Kidding kidding. Daddy literally banned me from changing car in the next many many years.

3 thoughts on “Adieu City, Hello Wish”

  1. Huisia: Hubs not only banned me from changing car..sob sob.. literally banning me from all money outflow projects. Heehee…

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