Peek – A – Boo

@ 7 months 3 weeks 5 days

I am always amazed by the astonishing amount of things a baby can learn during their tender years – they are such an explorer.

Ryan likes to bang things on a hard ground- be it table, floor, chair even his own thigh. He will grab things (especially hard objects, he doesn’t like soft toys) and start banging so he could hear the reflex sound out of it; and on occasions when his tiny hands can’t reach for a ‘victim’, he’ll use his bare hand instead to create the same sound effect. Bare hand??!!! Ouucchh!!!

Since Ryan’s younger days (hahaha.. not as if he’s any older now. LOL), we have started the peek-a-boo game with him. Most of the time then he would just stare blank at our faces not knowing what reaction to give this silly mummy and daddy. This has been on-going for a while until about 2-3 months back he started to acknowledge the fun out of it. He will giggle and burst into a wide smile and loud laugh when we play the hypothesis game with our little cutie. Then we realized… hey… our cutie has grown, no more blur face and is now more interactive leh.

We’re never bored when we indulge in peek-a-boo with Ryan. Babies are all full of surprises; no exception with our lil cutie. That is exactly what happened the other day..

We were so immersed with the game, hiding our faces behind our comforter and suddenly we realized hey… Ryan is doing exactly the same. He held up the comforter, hide his face behind and terra… unveiled to us his big smiley face. I never paid attention when he learnt that and that’s definitely one of the sweet memories I will remember for life.

Note to Ryan: You’re mummy and daddy’s angel. We’re so proud of you.. Lots of Luv.. Muak~Muak..

3 thoughts on “Peek – A – Boo”

  1. Hi. yvonne,

    I read through your blog message today.. so inspirating and I wish I can actually see the growth-up of Ryan…

    Lots of love from Antie Jane…

  2. Jane: Wah.. you still long way b4 you reach auntie status la..Come visit Malaysia again next year. This time stay in KL more dayssss pls.

    Huisia: Yeah.. I read about the GD flash cards. Are they good? Quite ex RM1200 something rite for the whole set…

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