Don’t be a Spoilt Brat

@ 7 months 4 weeks

Last night I came home to find Ryan with more bruises on his forehead. Since the first virgin bruise came about few weeks back, there were many followers since. And to exasperate the look, poor cutie also has a mozzie bite on his forehead – big one! Arrgh.. So you can imagine, bruises (new and old) and mozzie bite. That makes me ponder upon how he behaves during the day at nanny’s and subsequent questions on nanny’s ability to care for this hyper devil is constantly printing in my head. Don’t get me wrong but after last week’s news broke about a 7 month old baby in coma after a fall due to nanny’s carelessness, how not to start ‘wu si luen siong’ leh…

See, nanny is a very nice lady, very patient with babies, soft spoken, bla bla bla.. I can go on and on and on…. And most importantly her house is super clean okayyyy… I seriously wonder if she has some OCD (okay..okay.. not that extreme) but seriously she has this tendency to make me take back all the stuff that she doesn’t find useful for Ryan – including changing mat, rubber mat, play pen, clothes (too many there) and even an extra bolster (I gave her two, she returned one.. funny leh). Anyway, this post is not about nanny la.. overall, thumbs up on her. All these months under her well care, Ryan is still ‘fei fei pak pak’, still as hyper as usual. So, I ‘fong sum’. Happy happy.

Okie Okie.. back here. When I came home yesterday evening, mom in law told me that nanny (call her auntie la) told her that Ryan is a baby bully (got such term??). Anyway, what happened was, while playing happily with another baby (2 years plus) also under auntie’s care, suddenly Ryan became so excited (not sure why but auntie suspect the lil monster saw her walking away to the living room) that he started pulling that poor baby’s hair for support and maneuvered his way up to standing position. My god!!! Sooo cruel (although inside my heart I find that a little amusing. Heheheh..naughty mummy). Anyways, that is not exactly my point. After the incident, suddenly it crossed my mine, hey.. if I don’t start teaching Ryan to behave and respect, will he become a spoilt brat in the family later? Or is he one already?? Hmm.. since I’m on leave today, I think I should start trawling the net see if I could explore any secrets to a well behaved baby.

Side track a bit, the other day I was telling a friend of mine that Ryan crawls in a funny way. I find it so hard to describe to her in writing (over msn). So, this morning I managed to capture this. Chew lee.. this is for you. LOL!!

Ps: Ryan will usually crawl with his right leg up. Cute leh. Why? Hmm.. I think he probably figured with that method he could save time by moving further and faster to wherever ‘usually prohibited’ place he’s eyeing before this mummy catch him in her arms.

6 thoughts on “Don’t be a Spoilt Brat”

  1. Nice Scrapping!

    Bruises very common if the baby is taking care by nanny..but i always prefer one nanny one baby, at least can be more concentrated.

  2. nolah..not baby bully la! cos they dunno what is right or wrong and what is painful and what’s not. They just wanna stand up and they’ll grab whatever lo. Like my son, he grabs nipples okay..lagi painful!

  3. Huisia: Tks 2 Two Peas in a Bucket. Hehee.. The other baby under nanny’s care will go to school nex yr lor. No more victim for Ryan..

    Sasha: Wah.. Jayden sure learn fast fr Daddy!! :P

    Esther: One day we meet @ 1U la.. long time nv saw u all edi.

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