Christmas Decor

@ 8 months 1 day

We have not really celebrated Christmas in the previous years – celebrate the holiday we get from it got la.. :P Anyway, this year’s Christmas is slightly different – it’s the first Christmas with a new baby and is indeed special for us. Like all other babies, Ryan is always fascinated with the Christmas ornaments and decor on a Xmas tree; and of course not forgetting those beautiful blink blink lightings. Can really keep him entertained for long.

Last night we went to Mid Valley (yeah.. again) for dinner at Dragon-i. It was our first time there; usually we dine at Madam Kwan or Spring Garden (err.. did I get it right.. neway the Tai Thong Rest). Food was alright but but the service suckssss big time. I wouldn’t perorate endlessly on how bad the service was but rather I would want to share on how happy and delighted Ryan was upon seeing those beautiful Christmas decor on the concourse floor. As usual, Ryan refused to sit still on his stroller so this poor mummy has to bring him ‘kai-kai’ so daddy and PIL could eat and subsequently take turns to entertain my cutie monster. Yesterday evening there were somehow more children running around the area than usual. So, Ryan was even more elated for being able to be part of the crowd until he is willing to sacrifice his nap time for anything (how mummy know Ryan was sleepy then?? -easy – through the constant rubbing of his eyes, yawning, sleepy Garfield eyes leh..)

Mummy managed to take some pictures before we went back in to finish mummy’s dinner.

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