Phuket, Thailand (Part 2)

continued from here

Day 3, 28 July 2011 (Thursday)

We had a pleasant sleep the night before. As usual, the boys were early risers. Wish they could sleep in later especially during the holidays. Unfortunately their biological alarm is set regardless where they are. They woke up about 6am + local time (which is 7am + Msia time). Anyway, we woke up to a day filled with clear blue skies. We couldn’t be happier. The weather couldn’t be more perfect.

After breakfast, we quickly hit the beach. We couldn’t really swim in the sea as you can see how rough the waves were. Nevertheless the beach session couldn’t be more perfect. Despite sweating buckets under Mr Golden Sun’s fiery glare, the occasional breath of cool windy air seems to play its magic to re-energise us back to full bar. Perfect combo.


My handsome lil B


Acting uneasy on sand, despite with shoes on…


See those shadows.. that was exactly how scorchy hot it was on that day. Are we complaining? NOOOOOOOO……….




Even the Ultramans got a taste of sun sea and beach


My FIL.. on his ‘tanning bed’. The weather was so calm he actually fell asleep on the chair and woke up with a tanned face. :P






Always the Mr Cool Guy…






At one point the beach was closed… why? See the next pic.


Beach was closed due to strong waves. Grggghhhh……


After spending hours on the beach, we proeeded to the pool. The pool water was a little cold but that did not deter the boys from having a swell of a time.





Finally we called it a day after spending hours and hours at the beach/pool. We went back to our room to freshen up before going out to Patong for dinner. Tonight we picked Joe Louis Thai Restaurant, a Thai puppet themed restaurant for dinner.

After filling our stomachs, we shopped a bit inside the mall buying souvenirs etc. Tip. Souvenirs sold inside the mall (kiosks) are actually much cheaper than what you have to pay elsewhere including airport. So if you wish to shop for souvenirs, shop and buy what you need here. Don’t bother getting them at the airport.


More pics to be uploaded soon… Part 3 in my next post.



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