Phuket, Thailand (Part 3)

Continuing from Part 1 and Part 2

Day 4, 29 July 2011 (Friday)

Day 4 on this beautiful island was yet another sun bright day. Unfortunately all of us were too tired and drained from yesterday’s pool session. Hubby and I were sun burnt! The kids are fine though. I guess we were too busy splashing sun block on the kiddos we left out ourselves.

So on this day, we decided to take it slow. After breakfast, we brought the kids to the kids club.




The room’s a bit small in my opinion but decently stocked with coloring, toys materials. Importantly it’s CLEAN.


The week’s activities all planned out. Make your pick.








The outdoor play area.


After spending a short while in the Penguin Club, we decided to go back to our room to freshen up for lunch and to also plan for our next activity. We called up the concierge and booked a car to the Pearl Factory since Ryan is into gems collection eversince he picked up a magazine with a free stone. We were thrilled when we were informed transport to Pearl factory is complimentary by their agent.

The trip to the various Pearl factories were a complete waste of time. They were commercialised. Their objective was really to push you to buy the jewelleries. Well, we should have known better that there is no free lunch in this world. Free transport?

We negotiated with the driver for him to bring us to the Sports Premium outlets  instead. We agreed to pay him THB700. We gave him THB1000 and got him to keep the change. He was a happy man.

The detour to the premium outlet proved to be a wise decision. Eventhough there weren’t many brands and the place was kinda deserted, we still manage to shop a bit especially at Levi’s & Addidas, and the boys too managed to add up more goodies to their collection.


The boys’ favourite store at the premium outlet.

We had planned for the FantaSea show that night. So dinner was in the hotel again. We wanted to go back to Wang Warin but they were closed. We ended up at Tonson Bar overlooking the beach and pool.


It’s so easy with Darren. He eats everything.


It’s more challenging with Ryan as he’s more selective about what goes into the mouth. Well, at least colouring keeps him entertained here.


Part of the view from Tonson Bar.


After dinner, we (only MIL, Hubby, Ryan and me) went for Fantasea show. The show is not cheap. The standard ticket is THB1500 each but we opted for the gold seats so we paid an additional THB250 each to guarantee ourselves good view of the show.


The entrance to Fantasea. It’s like a mini themed park inside. Pretty interesting. Of course the highlight of our visit is the ‘Fantasy of a Kingdom’ show. Unfortunately we were not allowed camera inside the theatre so no pictures but I would say it’s not bad. A bit on the expensive side but worth a visit.


The show was about 1.5 hours long. We reached the hotel close to 12midnight due to the distant (it’s about 45 min ride from our hotel). We all conked out within minutes after our shower.

Day 5, 30 July 2011 (Saturday)

Our flight was at 10.30am which means we had to leave the hotel by 7.30pm (it takes about 45mins to get to the airport). After a long night last night, we dreaded ourselves to get up. Thank goodness we had ordered for breakfast room service. That would have burn our pocket for they charges THB500 per pax.  However due to the issues we had in the room, the hotel was kind enough to waive the charges. The portion  was really generous. We all left the hotel with a smile and a stomach full of food. :D



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