Merry Chritmas Ryan

@ 8 months 1 week 2 days

As I was strolling my time off in one of the shopping centres one day, suddenly it striked me maybe I could get a santa hat for Ryan. Well, not that I am so sure the size would fit but why not, it’s Christmas, just get one for the sake of the occassion wouldn’t hurt right Mr Lim.. Hehehe..

Anyways, I ended up didn’t buy. Why? Why? Because I wasn’t sure if Ryan would like a hat covering his head; knowing he can also be quite a fussy baby. So, what happened was, I came home and decided to try out a little trick with Ryan. Expectedly, he was very against anything on his head. Phew.. luckily mummy didn’t buy, else sure teased by Daddy for wasting money again.

Check it out… (from a very aggitated look to very manja with Daddy)

Note to Ryan: Merry Christmas baby….Love you alwaysssss. Muaks – Muaks

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