Christmas Party

@ 8 months 1 week 2 days

We went to Mr Lim’s friend Elvin home Christmas party. Well, Elvin is actually the bro of Mr Lim’s ex school mate but over the years our friendship with this cute fella has grown closer than with the bro himself.

We reached there around 9pm as I do not want to interupt Ryan’s nap time (he woke up at 8.00pm). Ryan was as usually hyper but unusually cranky. But who could blame the little cutie, it was very hot there laaa…. Imagine, it hasn’t rained for the past couple of days and it was a BBQ occassion. Really a test of our patient caring this cranky boy.

Nonetheless, Ryan was okay la. He just refused to sit on his stroller, refused to milk, refused to be carried, refused to entertain Daddy/Mummy’s friends.. refused this, refused that… other than that he was ok ma.. yeahhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh. :D

This is the only decent picture we managed to shoot. The one behind is Mr Elvin Tham…

Last night we also met with Esther, CK and cutie Ethan. Ethan had a slight fever and still recovering from a small cut on his lips after a fall (ouch!!!). But other than that.. haha.. Esther, you’re right.. he’s still very ACTIVE. Too bad, I wasn’t able to capture any shots of the two hyper kings together… next time next time..

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