Lil B on motorized car

We went to The Curve last weekend to check out the new table for Ryan. After making our investment we adjourned for lunch at Little Penang. I was craving for their Prawn noodles. Unfortunately this outlet’s food was so mediocre I swear I will not return.

After our lunch, the boys and my helper went to the kiddies’ section on the 2nd floor where there were lots of kiddies motorised vehicles to kill time. Me, on the other hand dashed to Ikea to get a new Mammut table to replace the old shaky piece and high chair tray for Darren. Don’t question why I slaved myself instead of hubby/maid. :P

Anyways, when I returned from my slavery task, both kiddos were still on their costly ride. (RM5 for 10 mins).


The lady manning the counter was amazed seeing a 1.5 year old riding a motorised vehicle with little supervision. I told the lady we have something similar at home. 


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