Loh Sifu

@ 8 months 1 week 2 days

We seldom bring Ryan along to parties, wedding dinners and what not for the fear Ryan may show his ugly side and start his cranky baby show. So, last night was a good experience but..but.. overall Ryan “IS STILL A CUTIE BABY” la – he’s always always with his shy shy beaming smile. How to not manja (pamper) this cute baby leh??

Speaking of manja. Yesterday, our regular sifu (feng shui master) came to our house for a visit. So, we decided to give Ryan’s birth details to him for a quick ‘analysis’. The first sentence that came from sifu was..”Wow.. this baby.. don’t ever manja him. He is borned with an energy to be liked, pampered, and spoilt….he will also grow up to be a very very intelligent boy, etc etc etc……….but don’t MANJA him”

We found that statement very funny knowing Ryan is extremely pampered; at home; at Popo’s place; at nanny’s place, in fact everywhere he goes. But the funniest thing was MaMa who was also there to listen quickly brushed off by saying.. “Oh, must ask YehYeh not to manja Ryan”. YehYeh alone?? Hmm….:P

Note to Ryan: Ryan, when you read this, ask mummy about the etc etc things that sifu analysed about you ya.

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