Good Morning Lil B

Lil B @ 1 year 8 months 2 weeks

We normally start our day with a walk/stroll in our neighborhood after Daddy leaves for work around 8.15am.

First activity is always a stroll in the neighborhood. I use the pedometer to help me track the calories burned. It makes me feel a tad better after all the late night snack consumed the night before. 



After about 20-30 mins, depending how adventurous I was that day, we will get home for his buggy ride. Also a must every morning.



After his buggy ride, it’s the scooter’s turn. He’s too young for a scooter of course, nonetheless, he was awed by how much fun the kor kor has scootering around that he must get his share too.


Occasionally when it’s not too hot, lil B will even get to help water the plants. 

Lazing around while Mommy prepare for his bath time..



It’s then the brekkie time. Lil B normally eats Nestle cereal of assorted flavored for breakfast. This day he had mixed fruits.




After filling the stomach, it’s usually reading time. He shows particular interest when I read these books to him.





At about 10.30am, it’s milk time. That also mean he gets to watch the idiot box.


He loves to watch the old DVDs we recorded. Other times, he will choose one of these current favourites.


While waiting for lunch time (11.30am), we will just chill around playing toys or simply laze around. Perfect bonding…and I’m loving every minute of it. 




Doing some drawing here. He said it’s a bus. He’s currently into this bus thingy (influence by Wheel on the bus). He’ll go around spotting buses everywhere we go. “Big bus”.. Point point.. “Big bus… ” 



Lil B has yet to show his dominant hand. Unlike Ryan, whom we already identified he’s a lefty from very young age, lil B is still using both hands interchangeably. Well maybe he’s an ambidextrous.



I normally leave the house at 11.45am to pick Ryan up from school. My helper will tuck my sweetie pie in for his nap while i am away.

Lil B usually naps for 2-3 hours (1 nap only). So Ryan is always upset upon finding his Didi is napping when he comes home from school. But he’s slowly getting used to it. He knows he can only play with Didi when he cones home again from his enrichment classes around 4pm (no Enopi days) or 5pm.


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