Ryan, You Are a Baby Star!!

@ 8 months 1 week 3 days

It has been about a month plus since the shoot was taken and I was really looking forward to the January issue knowing the advertorial will likely be featured in this issue. So, when I went to Mid Valley with my MIL and SIL earlier, the very immediate to-do list is to check out the magazine shop. Yoohoo.. yes yes..it’s finally out on Women’s Weekly Jan 2007 issue; a full page Kleenex tissue advertorial with a proudly half a page picture of Ryan and mummy. I hope Ryan would be proud of himself too one day. Wink wink~~

During the shoot Ryan was pretty behaved and definitely not camera shy (though he was a little cranky due to teething then). Overall, our baby has done a very good job. Well done there baby…

That’s me and baby Ryan above.. and if you’re wondering what’s the orange stuff on his face, that’s carrot pureed from Heinz (specific request fr Kleenex :@)

Note to Ryan: You have been a well behaved baby throughout that hours of shoot. Mummy is proud of you cutie. Muaks Muaks..

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