Hot Bed Therapy @ Ecoparadise

My MIL raved about the ecoparadise’s hot bed therapy (rejuvenation anti oxidant therapy) awhile back. So when Groupon offered the deal at RM40 for 4 sessions, I simply could not resist especially so after I read about its anti aging benefits.

We chose the Frasier Business Centre for our sessions.


This dimly lit room has 4 “beds” with room temperature showing 45C. We were given two towels and a tumbler of plain water. The bigger piece of towel is for us to lay it on the darker tiles where we are supposed to lie flat on our back. Feel free to switch position ie to each sides. We were to place the smaller towel on the head rest. Remain on lying position for 45 minutes. If you are adventurous, you can lie down on the floor without the towel. It really depends on your own threshold. I prefer with the towel.


After being “baked” for 45 minutes, we adjourned to the waiting lounge to cool / normalise our body temperature before proceed for shower.




Cold enzyme drink for each of us after our shower. To my pleasant surprise, it tasted pretty good. I’ve tasted worse. Yums…


Normal rate


Conclusion after 4 sessions of anti oxidant rejuvenation therapy:
- Hubby said it helps relieve his muscles aches
- we both felt good after a good session of sweating out
- I do not see any evident benefits on myself apart from a feel good session (psychological I think)

So will we be back? Probably yes, but not at their full published rate. I’ll wait for their next deal. :D


One thought on “Hot Bed Therapy @ Ecoparadise”

  1. In Singapore, there’s another version. You sit inside a special tub with hot water for about 20 mins. Supposedly will help cancer patients, gives out oxigen, bla bla. In Malaysia, not so popular yet.

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