Anniversary Pt 3

@ 8 months 3 weeks 4 days

Received a sms from Mr Lim early yesterday morning. Here goes…

Bee, Thanks for the present. Should get me the new phone by Apple ma. They just launched. Nice nice. Kekeke.. Kidding. Really got me there. Love the xxxxx. Thankss. Will get you something later. Love.

I paid special attention to the last sentence – ‘Get me something later’. Eyes blink blink. Yoohoo.. I will get a pressie soon. Well, didnt Mr Lim get me anything? Erm.. yes and no.

Based on Mr Lim’s own defence:

**Yes – he said he bought me a watch, a car and gave me a beautiful son wor. Hello… like that also can???? Sigh.. and

**No, he didn’t give me any surprise gift.

Should protest? Nevermind la. It’s the thought that counts (see, Mr Lim is always busy with work. I would say a workaholic). The fact he remembers the occassion and asked me out for dinner is sweet enough. I purposely kept mum about it this year. Kinda unlike me cos I’ll usually spam him with reminders daysss earlier)

At night Mr Lim asked what I want again.. sigh.. frankly I don’t know. Of course I have a list of things running in my head but that’s not what I want.

To Mr Lim: Maybe just get me a fridge magnet.. hehehee.. gila mummy.

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