Nice Baby Suit

@ 8 months 3 weeks 5 days

I totally agree that when you’re about to drown with some assignments and what not, take a step back, relax a bit, do whatever mo-mo-liu-liu things you want to do.. so called to unwind la .. will definitely helps. Anyways.. it’s lunch time now so I deserved a break.. :D

So what mo-mo-liu-liu thing I’ve done… this lor.

See see see.. how to resist? So cute wordings. When I saw them at Metrojaya that day I was soooo sure that I gonna end up buying them. Moreover, quite reasonably priced too. So ended up with both. There is another one “If you think I’m cute, look at my Daddy” – too bad for Mr Lim, no size. Hehehe.. (sei lor.. almost everyday I bought something for Ryan). I actually saw another one at Mothercare that reads “Sleep is for grown up”. Have to wait till I get my itchy hands on it.

Now get back to work!! Arghhh….

2 thoughts on “Nice Baby Suit”

  1. i saw the same suit! and wanted to buy another one..forgot what is the writting on the baju. But end up never buy…cos mr C say…expensive . Bah!

  2. Sasha: Oh, ‘sin cham how chau’ la. Buy the “If you think I’m cute, see my Daddy” version, sure Mr C would not object. LOL

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