Spot the Difference

@ 8 months 3 weeks 5 days

Can you spot the difference on the keyboard?

Yeah.. so obvious right. The keyboard has a missing alphabet W.

What happened? Well, when I was happily ti-ti-ta-ta-ing (chatting) with Iryne and DesperateMummy, Ryan manja-manja leaned next to me. Assuming he just wanna lean on me, I paid no special attention to his sudden manja-manja… but suddenly his ugly side reveals. He literally snatched my laptop from me and the end result of the erm ‘struggle’ is….. a missing alphabet ‘W’. Sei lor…

Should I punish Ryan? I should, but then when I look at his cutie face, my heart just melts…

6 thoughts on “Spot the Difference”

  1. yeah, choking hazard ler… but as for the laptop, haha, small matter lar, u can just snap the ‘W’ back… :D

  2. aiyoh! My son also used the astro remote control and whackedme yesterday! But look at Ryan la…how can u punish him?

  3. Chewlee: Ryan was more interested on the laptop than the alphabet. Phew~

    Shannon: Cannot wor.. broke already. Luckily still under warranty. They coming to replace the keyboard on Monday.

    Sasha: Wah, Jayden so fierce ar. You okay?

  4. Wah, no wonder tat time u type all the words which I dunno how to read lar. U see Ryan baby is so cute how can u punish him ler. Give him a chance lar ok :)

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