Security Blacket

Lil B @ 1 year 8 months 2 weeks 4 days

Just like his kor kor, lil B has his security blanket too. He used to favor his hanky a lot but for the past one week or so, I noticed a sense of attachment lil B showed towards his blue blankie. Even my helper notices that. We caught him nipping and stroking the sides of the blankie a few times during milk , nap and sleep time. We’ll see if this will be his ultimate favorite..

Ryan’s Yucky “Green”

Ryan’s two other ‘must have’ ..”Blue” and “Fluffy Cute” (we bought the elephant from FantaSea, Phuket and Ryan named it Mr Fluffy Cute)

And finally Darren’s little ‘Blankie’..

The beginning of an addiction? 

Edit to add…

Screenshot of a video I took of lil B on 13Oct, 12.07am. I wonder if he dreamt of Blankie. 




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