Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2011

Yes. We joined the crowd and were there this afternoon.




The big hall


The checkout counters


The hungry boy… 


My loots. Damage: RM130 only!!!! Could have been more if Ryan did not tag along. He was tired and hungry since we went straight after school. I will most likely go again … without kids of course.

edit to add on 13 Oct 2011 (Thurs)

Went to the BBW fair again this morning and spent another RM144 on 25 books, mostly children. I’m happy mom.



Total 47 books for RM272.00. Average less than RM6 each. It’s a steal!


4 thoughts on “Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2011”

  1. aiyo, u didnt tell me one.. I wanted to buy some cook book mah … saw so many bloggers blogged about it … I know I would go ga-ga over book sales …

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