Potty Training

Lil B @ 1 year 8 months 3 weeks 3 days

This afternoon, lil B came to me uttering “Poo Poo, Poo Poo”. I asked him if he wants to poo, he nodded and said yes.

I quickly led him to the washroom, grabbed the booster seat and sat him on the WC.

I asked him to push and he did as told. Within minutes, voila!! The whole ‘business’ is completed. Lol. Like a pro. Yay!! Good job Darren.

Darren was introduced to the potty weeks ago. Every morning I make an effort for him to sit down on his potty to pee before his bath. He was reluctant at first but after numerous tries, he could relieve himself on the potty effortlessly now. I also made Ryan to sit on the booster seat a few times to allow Darren to see and get familiarise with the seat. I’m proud to say, if the timing is right, lil B could now relieve himself easily either using the booster seat or the potty interchangeably. I guess all that seemingly trivial efforts are slowly paying off.

Today is the second time Darren signaled to us he needs to poo. The first time it happened, I was not at home. Bummer. Anyways, my helper told me Darren was squatting at a corner with that ‘funny’ face and when she asked if he wanted to poo, he replied yes.

When she related that back to me, I brushed it off as a fluke shot. Come to my realisation, it’s about the same time Ryan started his potty training too.

So, well, well, I guess it’s time to embark on a more serious mode into this little mission of mine. No more procrastination.



.edited to add
Just a moment ago, I told the boys I had to pee so they could look out for each other in the play room. When lil B heard that, he ran to me and said ‘Didi’. Logically I asked if he wants to pee, he replied ‘yes’. Okay, off we went to the toilet and again he peed using the booster seat.


Lol. No.. That’s not the ‘pushing’ face. I asked him to smile thus the expression.




He kept saying ‘pee pee pee.. ‘ in delight when he saw his own achievement.


5 thoughts on “Potty Training”

  1. Gee….your boy so cute with that expression. My boys are still sitting in the potty, so convenient because they can go fetch it themselves. look like i better start putting them on the real toilet seat!

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