Potato Porridge

@ 9 months 2 weeks 2 days

Ryan’s body is still a bit heng-heng-tei (warm).. hehee.. yeah yeah, no fever but warmer than his usual lor. So, I decided to make him something different today – potato porridge.

I must say I am a hopeless housewife, mummy. I actually sms-ed MalaikaMummy asked her what type of potato I should buy to make potato porridge. I actually got confused between those sweet potato and those normal potato. So stupid right but no joke.. I am that blur when it comes to this. Arrghh.. since she replied late I bought both. That was last night.

After all the hoo-hoo-haa-haa (I added both to the porridge) I was all ready to feed and Ryan was all ready to eat. First feed.. Ryan showed funny face. Thinking the porridge could be too dry, I added some water. Second feed, Ryan “Oek” (puke sound). Patted him and gave him some plain water (as usual he only managed a few sips of it). Third feed “Oek” again. Fourth “Oek” again again.. Okay la, put aside. I don’t have my camera handy to take a shot of Ryan. He showed such a pitiful face as if this mummy just fed him poison. Adoi~~~

Poor baby. Either it’s the funny taste, too dry, no appetite, erm wrong potato etc etc reasonings, excuses went thru my mind.

In the end, fed Ryan rice cereal mixed pureed apple. I seriously need more cooking lessons!!! “Kow Meng Ar” (Help me)….

Ryan enjoying his yummy-licious foot

Pic taken: 21 Jan 07

11 thoughts on “Potato Porridge”

  1. Aiyo, sorry for the late reply. Potato and porridge, sound a bit bland. Perhaps can add a bit of carrot. I normally mix potato, carrot and rice cereal. Seldom cook porridge.

  2. aiyo…sounds like my situation oso..sometimes my boy will jiak jiak jiak, then cough cough…uuuwekk…all out the porridge..aiyo

  3. don’t feel bad about yourself, everyone has to go thru the learning stage. To your son, you are the most wonderful person in his world.

  4. u can cook potatoes and carrot and tomatoes together in the porridge.Sometime i cook sweet potatoes with tomotoes w carrot too.Or u can add in some mince meat for sweet taste.And on top of that i also add some “Bovil” to the porridge.At least they like the taste..Not too much..just little bit.U can try out.And they said give dry osyter (hou see) mince it and cook the porridge taste good too.And a lot of calcium.

  5. I guess there is nothing wrong with the recipe. I always mix and match all diff kind of vege and roots to the porridge. You can add pumpkin with potato also taste nice.

    Another delicious recipe – I love it myself too.
    Steam the sweet potato and boil the potato till soft. Add around 60ml of milk. Blend all together. Taste fantastic. Not too sweet and not too plain. Somehow I feel that boiling sweet potato in porridge does not taste really good.

    Use slow cooker to boil porridge (porridge more mashed up) and add ikan bilis stock will make it better.

  6. hmmm heaty baby..I never thought of that before though..I don’t even know when ashley is heaty or not….:)is potato supposed to be cooling?

    another way of cooking the porridge could be as follows :
    - boil water with potato, carrots, some big onions and small chuncks of chicken or pork – as though making ABC soup
    - once soup is boiled and tastes like yummy ABC soup, cook the rice in it…..then the porridge will be more tasty…

    I am no expert..I am also learning – all by trial and error:)

  7. sweet potato is nice with teh porridge but add carrot too. If your baby is not on vegetarian, you can add in meat to get the juice out. You can also use brocolli, pumpkin (this is yummy though I do not eat it myself).

  8. MalaikaMummy: Yeah. I added carrot and used chicken broth with the potato. This time Ryan finished all. Yoohoo..

    Jazzmint: Neh, you can try some receipe here. It works.

    Ricket:Thanks for your encouragement.

    Annie-Q: Yes.. thanks. I followed. Added carrots with it. Yummy-licious

    Sasha: Wah, don’t scare me.

    BabyDarren: I will try yr receipe this weekend. Simple and I think Ryan would love it..

    Mom2Ashley: I have not tried adding onions into any of Ryan’s receipe. Hmm.. maybe I should.

    DesperateMummy: Another one?? Not so soon leh.

    WMD: I have been looking around for sliced pumpkin. Most are sold in one big piece.

  9. My boys also very fussy in food. I have even set menu for him. Monday till Friday, maid follow to cook for him. The menu is, Monday: Kacang porridge with chicken n vege, Tuesday: Fried Mee hon, Wednesday: Macaroni with cheese n meat, Thursday: Mee shua soup, Friday: Steam cod fish with rice n vege. Sat, Sun, eat what I eat. :)

    I suppose u cld set the same, research on some kids menu from books n website. Have fun!

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