The beginning of Terrible Two

Lil B @ 1 year 9 months 6 days

Lil B getting more and more manja lately and has been shedding crocodile tears the moment we raise our voice. Unlike Ryan who cry out loud, this little fella likes to show us his purged lips before the whole ‘Wah Wah Wah…’ drama starts.

Here’s an example, I raised my voice asking him not to distract while I check on Ryan’s Enopi homework. He kept pulling the worksheet regardless my warnings. He has such stubborn genes he just refused to give in and kept shoving books to my face so I could read them to him. I normally obliged, but I needed a break too after reading him like gazzilion books since morning.

So my patience ran thin after my umpteen sweet talking. I looked him in his eyes and gave him a good lecture. Expectedly, he returned me with this….




In the end. I had to put aside the worksheet and spend the next good one hour pacifying him with lotsa dedicated love, attention and of course more books. 😭😭

3 thoughts on “The beginning of Terrible Two”

  1. Little Darren really looks kelian when his eyes are watery. That day when I was in your house and he was so afraid of me and his eyes were all red and teary, so kelian….hahaha…

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