Happy Birthday Daddy

Ryan @ 5 years 6 months 3 weeks 1 day
Lil B @ 1 year 9 months 2 weeks 2 days



It’s Daddy birthday today. I had prepared two gifts for Daddy from the little boys.



It was really anti climax when we found out Daddy already bought himself a notebook stand. . Nevertheless, it’s the thought that counts rite, no? Hehe. 😁😁

Happy Birthday Big B.

I wonder if I will be getting any post birthday surprise from Daddy later?? 😝😝

We had a simple cake cutting session in the afternoon. Ryan was thrilled because as always, he gets to blow and cut the cake. We’ll see what happens when Lil B is older. ☺☺

In the evening we went to Shook! at Starhill for dinner. We haven’t dined there for awhile. There are simply too many choices in the vicinity. It was nostalgic to be back. It was the place hubs proposed to me 6 years ago.


Food wise was really so so. Nothing to shout about but ambience was good.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Daddy”

  1. I remember Shook! too. can’t believe it is still there :)
    you look great as usual :)) dunno how you manage to stay so slim always.

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