Sibling Fight

Ryan @ 5 years 6 months 3 weeks 2 days
Lil B @ 1 year 9 months 2 weeks 3 days

Lil B is one feisty baby. It’s not the first time the two brothers fight. The fights are usually related to snatching toys from one another. Despite being really upset, Ryan has always been very forgiving. More often than not, he will give in to the little brother eventually. Ryan simply dotes on his brother.

This evening, lil B strikes again.

After homework, Ryan was lying on the bed playing iPad. Despite having 3 iPads in the house, the little fella insist on the one Ryan was holding. I scolded him and left it as it is. Lil one was teary eyed.

Suddenly, BANG! I heard a loud thud. The next thing I saw, Ryan was wailing. Lil B stood at the corner freeze and looking stunt. The little fella actually threw a HotWheel car at Ryan and hit his forehead.

I was boiling mad. I reprimanded lil B again for his actions. At this point, I have two crying babies. Both want my attention, both need my tender loving care.

Luckily Ryan wasn’t badly hurt. After awhile, both boys calmed down and moved on.

Part 2

After dinner, I showered the two boys. I was preparing their PJs when Ryan complained of Didi scratching him. Not suspecting anything, I brushed his pleas away. Shortly later, I saw Ryan rolling on the floor crying again. This time he was really angry, he kicked Darren back (thank goodness it wasn’t hard). Again, I have two crying babies in the room. Faint!

Poor kor kor. His ‘injuries’ looks bad considering they came from a 1.5 year old toddler. Definitely Terrible 2 in the making.

Later I told Ryan I will send Lil B to a naughty school. The latter will only be back during the weekends. Ryan was visibly worried upon hearing that. Despite being still mad at his little brother, he begged not to send his Didi. He allowed me to send Didi to a naughty corner instead.


6 thoughts on “Sibling Fight”

  1. biasa lah .. mine also fight all the times .. I have to kick one of them out of the house, then the fighting would stop, for a while, before it starts again … never ending fighting … then, when they play well with each other, ah.. may be, perhaps no 3?!

  2. wah…Darren is really fierce leh…Poor koko being bullied. Aiyoh….I always thought lil B is the soft one coz he always show his teary eyes when I visit u. ahahahah…..

  3. wahh.. this didi really fierce leh.. u eat alot of chilli when he in the tummy isit? :)
    poor kor kor.. i also same case .. the younger one is the real bully.. dunno what to do also

  4. Wow… this Didi no play play… normally the youngest one will be the most fierce and cheeking as well… sure u went mad when the 2 bros cried at the same times… haha.. But can see, Ryan really a good bro … :)

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