Little Durian King

Lil b @ 1 year 10 months




Lil B is a true foodie. At 21 months he had his first taste of durian. Ever since he always join in our durian feast.

Ryan on the other hand is more selective of what goes into his mouth. The other day, after much coaxing he too took a small bite. Did he fall in love with the king of fruits?

Mommy: Do you like it?
Ryan: (shake head). Ewww sticky
Mommy: You have to stop being so picky with food otherwise you won’t be able to follow us anywhere.
Ryan: I like it mommy. I like the taste but I don’t like it “sticky”
Mommy: Huh? (Sticky?? O-o-o. What an excuse)… You want some more?
Ryan: No Mommy. I’m full. But I like the taste. (he ran upstairs after finishing his sentence).


8 thoughts on “Little Durian King”

  1. u are so lucky yr 2 boys at least try to eat it. my 2 just run away when they smell it.. and benny doesn’t eat it. so i don’t have anyone to share this yummy fruit.. :(

  2. hahaha….Ryan doesn’t like durian.. same as me la…. Darren so geng…so young and he loves durian already.

  3. jom, we can go have a durian feast with Darren.

    you know what, Ryan’s answer is similar to Malaika’s. At times, we asked her to try new food, she tasted it and say she likes it, but she doesnt want to eat it anymore – meaning she doesnt like it lo .. duh!

  4. Sigh, my boy doesn’t like durian either and if our little (foodie) girl is anything like your lil B, chances are high she’ll love it too. We can’t wait for her to try some during CNY!

  5. our case is so similar… Rachel used to complain about the texture, but now she loves it… Nicole on the other hand, whacks durian like her mama… :D

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