Chinese New Year Visit

@ 10 month 1 week

Yesterday we paid a visit to Malaika’s Mummy. Ryan’s “kai ma” Elaine came and picked me and baby Ryan up. Thanks Elaine!!

It was such a joyous occassion. The last time they saw Ryan was when Ryan was barely 4 months I think. Chong chi agessssss ago.

Ryan had a lot of fun (I believe) as he was very busy with Malaika and Malaika’s toys. Really made himself feel at home. :D Sorry Malaika’s Mummy.. you have to clear up the mess after we left.

Picture says a thousand words. More so I have picturessss to share…

Ryan spotted a cutey baby and couldn’t resist exchanging gesture with his newfound friend

Ryan was unsually ‘yit cheng’ (friendly) with Malaika. He was like magnetised to her. Crawled to her wanted to kiss her. Gosh.. I must have thought him too much of ‘kiss-kiss’ *slap head*

Ryan: “No-No.. I am the boss here now” :D

Love the pic below. How lovey dovey.. :D

Naughty Ryan marking his territory, shoving Malaika’s hand from her favourite toy (the EXPENSIVE acquarium)

Ryan ransacking the CDs rack for Malaika’s appetite

Kai-Ma Elaine and Ryan

Malaika’s Mummy and the mischievous Ryan

Ps: I realised I do not have any pics of myself and Ryan. Too busy taking pics. Kekeke.. we had soooooo much fun.

6 thoughts on “Chinese New Year Visit”

  1. Jazzmint: Yeah la.. really not paiseh (not shy).

    MalaikaMummy: Haha.. description will help me remember also. Sure sure.. see if Kai Ma can fetch us again or not :P

  2. Mom2Ashley: Hahaha… lil monster does that too at home. I seriously wonder wats so fun abt all these..*roll eyes*

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