Chinese New Year Day 7

@ 10 months 1 week 2 days

Ryan’s sleeping schedule was off a bit today. Instead of the usual 1.5 hours morning nap, he woke up just after half hour into Zzzz-land. On the way to my boss’ open house, I got really worried about his mood knowing he’ll kick up a fuss when he’s sleepy. Then I start my silly calculation on how many hours he can’ survive’ without sleep and what not… However, unexpectedly Ryan fell asleep during the ride. Phew~~. I worried too much.

On our way back Ryan had his usual charge of milk. Suddenly he puked without any earlier warning or indication he was full, not well whatsoever. I got really really worried. The last time Ryan puked was when he was down with stomach flu. Thank goodness Ryan showed no symptoms of being ill what not. Again I worried too much. He is as hyper and active as usual. Phew~ Phew~ again.
According to the chinese beliefs the 7th day of CNY is considered the birth of human beings (aka everyone’s birthday) so we went out and had dinner at Pek Wah restaurant. The crowd was crazy. So many tables, so many people. I almost thought I’ve just walked into a wedding dinner. The place was havoc, everybody was cheering, talking, laughing… and there was even a karaoke session. Unbelievable..
Ryan was not amused by such a heavy large crowd. It was so difficult to control him. He refused the baby chair, he will straighten his back wanted to come on ground if you ever attempted to stand still at a spot while carrying him, nothing seemed to please him tonight (in fact lately…) Despite bringing Linda with us, I got no peace of dinner.
YehYeh, MaMa entertaining the ever hyper Ryan

When we got home, Ryan was all smelly and sweaty. So I made water and sponged him straight away. Ryan doesn’t like to have anything on his head. Below is a typical scene when we failed to remove the shirt from his head fast enough.

Ryan’s wailing is always short termed. His wailing soon turned into hysterical laughter. A pic of Daddy entertaining Ryan here. Tomorrow same time Daddy will be on his way to HK (biz trip konon-nya). Hopefully he will remember his wife and son here in KL ….(souvenirs, souvenirs)*grin*

My cute half naked baby just before sponging *pst.. pst.. look like little buddha hor* Heehee..

Mmmm… my handsome and yummy-licious baby after sponging

At night hubs god bro came to pai nin (visiting). So again I have Ryan all by myself, which is good but sometimes it is quite tiring especially when Ryan kicks up a fuss and I have no extra pair of eyes or hands to help out. Lately I donno if it was my bad parenting, Ryan has been giving a lot of challenge to his mummy when it comes to bed time. He will be Zzz-ing off one min, next he’ll be twisting, turning and rolled over to the magic gap, all alert with his eyes wide open. I know he is tired as he is constantly rubbing his eyes yet he just can’t settled himself down. Poor baby. And for the last few days it happened a few nights (erm morning) whereby Ryan would wake up ard 5am and start his usual twisting, tossing, playing at the magic gap, climbing up the bed board etc etc… It’ll be an hour at least before he is tired enough to go back to sleep. If this pattern continues after the CNY break, mummy will faint. :P

3 thoughts on “Chinese New Year Day 7”

  1. Jazzmint: Oohh it’s Pek Wah Rest (erm, near Jln Petaling). Heehee.. i hv bn to the Tek Wah rest in Segambut tho. Long time never been edi.

  2. This cute little Buddha is giving mommy headche yea. Hopefully he gets back to normal after the break. My boy cried hysterically this morning chantting “I dun want to go to school”. *faint too* ;)

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