Chinese Writing

Ryan @ 5 years 8 months

My ‘banana’ son working on his Mandarin writing homework.

.I was outside the room with Lil B when I overheard Ryan and my helper having this conversation.

Ryan: Loida, can you teach me how to write? It’s so difficult.
Loida: I don’t know Chinese. Ask Mommy to help.
Ryan: Mommy also don’t know Chinese. Mommy speaks only English.

Upon hearing that, I walked into the room towards his study table. I looked at his workbook, heaved out a sigh of relief and read out ‘wo shi malaixiya ren‘ and taught him how to write the characters using imaginative symbols (mouth, leg, mustache, etc..). Afterall Chinese characters were derived from logograms. So it makes sense to use the method.

It was a relief I could still read those simple characters. It’s not that Ryan doesn’t know how to read them. I’m sure he’s taught how to read them in class. Nevertheless to be able to read out to him will boost his confidence in me. I hate being helpless and I certainly do not want him to perceive he could not depend on his mommy for guidance. Thank goodness that was relatively easy. I couldn’t imagine how am I supposed to guide him if we decide to enroll him into a Chinese curriculum school. Help !!


3 thoughts on “Chinese Writing”

  1. Don’t worry, Yvonne! Kai ma Elaine is here. I can teach him up to standard 6. Hahaah… Or I can teach u then u can teach him. :)

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