Nanny on Leave

@ 10 months 1 week 3 days

I received a call from auntie yesterday. Hearing the tone of her voice I knew there must be something fishy already. She bla bla bla a few sentence but the only words that caught my attention was “I need to apply leave from 5th – 9th March”. I almost dropped the phone when I heard that. That’s ONE WHOLE WEEK leh!!! Is this for real or not? She bla bla bla that her daughter gave her a surprise la, paid for the trip la.. bla bla bla. Honestly I didn’t quite get what excuses she gave. All I was thinking of was how on earth I am gonna tell my boss I need a week’s off? I just took 3 days off this week. She really caught me off guarded. Arrgh.. Sei lorrrrrrrrrrr……………

Update: Managed to find a solution. MIL has been kind enough to help out. So, she’ll take the morning half and me the afternoon shift lor….. Daddy?? Daddy can’t take leave (as expected.. too busy with Project M).

7 thoughts on “Nanny on Leave”

  1. technically how many days of leave can she take? so how? You could work from home? otherwise…you’d just have to take leave and become a sahm:) good luck!

  2. mom2ashley: Erm.. good question. We never quite discussed the #no of leave entitlement wor. I’m okay even she take 2-3 days in a row but 1 whole week really got me la. Somemore just got off 3 days CNY leave leh. Haha.. yeah la. Let me get a taste of SAHM. :P

  3. worst scenario, take turns to take leave with your hubby. No need to so ‘pok’ for the company wan.. ;P.
    SAHM is quite fun wan.. u will enjoy it.. for one week should be alright, longer than that, you will need leave for yr ownself.. haha..

  4. Eh? Nanny also can go on leave ah? Like that one? Nasib baik MIL can help. So, you’ll be working from home for half a day? Next time I think you should lay out the rules to the nanny. Incase she’s going to pull more stunts like this one. *shakes head*

  5. Glad to hear that ur MIL can help u out.At least there is someone to help u.Rather than urself have to take care the baby one whole week!

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