Santouka Ramen Restaurant


Few weeks back we went to this Hokaido Ramen Satouka restaurant at Toyko Street, Pavilion for lunch after reading rave reviews on them. I was skeptical but hubs was adamant to try. So we went ahead, after all we were too lazy to scout for other options.

I can’t remember what exactly we ordered. Think I ordered their spicy soybean paste ramen. Cant remember the name. Hubs ordered their signature shoyu ramen.

I did not take picture of our R A M E N. Perhaps I was too busy criticizing our order then. Ha ha. Kidding. My hands were full because I had to feed my little B that day. Having said so, I was less than impressed. They were not bad but they certainly fail to live up to my expectation. For RM25 a bowl, I expected more ‘wow’ factor.


Oooo… Miss my straight hair. Lol.






Ultra cute and super ‘yao yeng’ ! ❤❤

Ps: Ryan decided he will stay home instead of tagging along to lil B’s Shichida class that day. So he missed the fun.


2 thoughts on “Santouka Ramen Restaurant”

  1. oh wow, rm25 for a bowl of ramen? i hope they served you more than just a piece of meat and egg :) we didn’t get to try this restaurant because the whole Tokyo Street was packed when we were there a few weeks ago.

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