Ryan is not well on ‘Chap Goh Meh’

@ 10 months 2 weeks 2 days

It’s the last day of Lunar New Year and Ryan is down with a cold; mild fever and flu since yesterday. Poor baby. He must have caught the bug from Daddy who has coughing restlessly since two weeks back.

We went to the paed this morning to seek relief for Ryan’s illness when his fever went up to 37.7C despite the medication. As usual, the Q was long and we were advised come back an hour later. So, we hung around at Secret Receipes. Ryan was all active as usual. Fed him a little of the choc banana cake we ordered but our usual monster seemed to have lost his appetite and taste bud for any new food that goes into his mouth. Who would have guessed such hyper baby was actually sick. Poor poor baby.

After like 45 mins, Ryan’s name was called. Paed was very meticulous as usual and Ryan was pretty cooperative as well. But when paed inserted the thermoscan into his ear lobe, Ryan transformed from a angel baby to a little monster again. He was screaming and wiggling to break free. Nothing seemed able to distract nor calm him down and he was desperate to break free from our tight grip. His screams stopped instantly when the thermoscan was removed and was happily smiling again in a matter like miliseconds..

Mummy on the other hand, as usual was always full of questions. Paed assured us Ryan is only down with a mild cold and the fever and flu should subside in the next 48 hours max after medication.

Speaking of medication, they say the flu medication would usually cause drowsiness but from my experience with Ryan it was totally the opposite reaction. He would be dozing off before medication, and be super hyper after. So today I was determined to find out from the paed just to ease my curiosity as I have read abour the risk of oversedation in babies after medication.

I was really relieved after hearing paed’s assurance. True enough paed explained while majority of babies would be sleepy after medication, there is a small minority who would be hyperactive. It is just like different people would have different reaction to certain medication.

Anyways, as a result of the medication, Ryan’s sleeping routine went off track a bit. Ryan’s temp is now below 37.5C but he is still having running nose. To help him breathe better, I have poured a little Eucalyptus oil on his hanky and leave it by his pillow side. I guess that helps to clear slighlty blocked airway.. at least I am not hearing the heartbreaking ‘Ssh Sshh Sheh Sheh’ sound from his breathing.

Get well soon baby….

Super Baby not that ‘Super’ today

13 thoughts on “Ryan is not well on ‘Chap Goh Meh’”

  1. Malaika is having running nose too. Not fever though.

    Sick baby got special treatment oh, eating cake?!

    Get well soon.

  2. aiyo poor thing. both my kids also has this weird fever. only 1 day and temp about 37, then just go off.

    Hope ryan oso recover soon. give lots of water, guess temp changing and affecting some of us

  3. hope he gets well soon…
    well, I hve to say the same for rachel… flu medicine supposed to cause drowsiness… but that little devil still jumping up and down…

  4. Visiting your blog in return…only to find out your baby is sick. Hope he gets well soon and no more choc banana cake for him! Heaty lah

  5. Mom2Ashley: Thanks!

    Chewlee: No la, not special treatment. Saja wanna give him a tates of it.

    Jazzmint: Weather is bad.. I also fell sick.

    Shannon:Haha.. Rachael oso gets hyper after medication huh.. :P

    Nadia, Allyfeel: Thanksss!

    Sasha: I hv the nose drop but ryan’s runny nose wasnt too serious so I didnt put knowing he’ll kick up a big fuss if I ever attempted.

    Jessie: Huh.. Janelle oso sick? Why so many bb sick? :(

    AnnieQ: Thanks.

    Vien: Yes.. sucks la see our bb sick.

    KittyCat: Heehee.. thks for the tip. Really donno choc cake is heaty. Blur mummy. :P

    Mag: Yeah.. very sum toong!!!

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