Playing Shape Sorter with Daddy

@ 10 months 2 weeks 6 days

I am pretty amazed with Ryan’s development on his dexterity skills. Also, his ability to understand basic instruction is also more evident. Managed to capture a short clip of Ryan engaged in a shape sorter game with Daddy. While watching his all time fav Baby Bright show nowadays, he will also clap along the tune when he saw the little bird clapping its wings…so cute. **If only he is not so hyper…**

7 thoughts on “Playing Shape Sorter with Daddy”

  1. Ryan is clever, even my boys also cant do that, i had to hold their hand and tell them where and how to put it in..

  2. wau..he can hold the object very well. He doesn’t look that hyper to me, at least he can sit still and putting the objects in one by one patiently. My boy never sit still at all…..

  3. I have the same set leh! Too bad Darrius don’t like playing with it… he likes to bites those blocks instead! He will get frustrated when he can’t force them into the holes and will starts to throw them away! Ryan looked so calm putting them in one by one!

  4. Sasha: Smart meh? *Paiseh*. I took folic acis, fish oil + Multi Vit during my pregnancy. During 1st trimester, I took Ustrogen (po toi) in addition to the above..

    Mom2Ashley: Hahaha.. me too. I rmb when I was younger I used to cheat also.. esp on some tougher blocks. This one still ok..

    Annie: That’s why I said I was quite amazed. Nv expected the hyper baby to b able to sit down with Daddy and patiently put in all the shapes

    Jesslyn: Yeah lor.. but I find educational toys are very limited in KL

    Baby Darren: Yeah.. trust me. I was surprised Ryan could do that patiently..

    Angeleyes: Hahah.. looked calm huh. Yeah.. like very focussed :D

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