SAHM Day 5

@ 10 months 3 weeks

It has not been exactly a good day. Ryan’s flu and cough is still persisting. Paed assured us no worries as the flu bug will clear in the next few days. (In my heart) Arggh.. but it has been 5 days leh paed!!! Hmm.. patient patient!

Ryan is as usual active and hyper (in my opinion). Thank goodness mummy’s ‘iron’ is back.. so I resumed my ‘tit yan’ (iron lady) role, look after the sick cats (Daddy and Ryan now). Yeah.,, Daddy’s cough has gotten from bad to worse too. ‘Selamba’ knocked out after his cough fix, probably having faith that Ryan will be on poor tired mummy’s good hands. Whole household is sick.. sick.. sick. Sob Sob…

In the evening earlier, Ryan’s temp suddenly shot up to 37.9C. I got panicked. I had been such an ignorant mummy, totally unsuspicious of the temp raise (sooo unlike me.. heehee…). Actually using my bare hand, I knew Ryan was a little warm but it didnt raise any alarm mainly because Ryan was showing no signs of being ill at all and was entirely his usual active self. It was only until Daddy came home and gave Ryan a hug, he asked ‘wah.. why so warm?’ that it raised the alarm. I shouldn’t have been such ignorant.

Anyways, upon realising his temp raise.. being me (kan cheong tai si) I quickly sponged him and gave him his fever medication. As I’m typing now, his temp is down to.. wait..(check temp).. 36.1C (a bit low..). I rechecked and again and yes.. it’s 36.1C (nvm.. at least it’s not high). What a relief. I’ll have to continue to monitor him tonight….

Ooh.. Bug! Stupid Bug! Go Away!!!! Ryan.. get well soon……..

10 thoughts on “SAHM Day 5”

  1. Gosh, the entire family is sick, huh? We had that for over 2 months..the bugs went merry-go-round with us. Once one is well, the other gets sick.

  2. aiyo, ryan fast fast get well arrrr…..
    u take care ok???? end of the week liao, monday going back to work… hehehe

  3. arrghh.. entire family sick. This is worst… hope all of you get well soon. I am bf Sean and my hubby and sil and my sis do fall sick but.. touchwood Sean seldom.

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