Nanny is Back!!!

@ 10 months 3 weeks 3 days

Yoohoo.. I couldn’t contain my joy when I saw nanny this morning. I know it is such an awful, horrible, disgusting thought. I sounded as if I am so happy to leave my baby with someone rather than taking care of him myself. But the inner me truly believes Ryan is happier at nanny’s place (got another cutie baby to play with) and at least all the months under nanny’s care he was never once as sick as he was during the week under mine. Sob sob…

Anyways, the good news is… my hyper Super Baby is back in action!!! Ryan has recovered from his flu, fever and only down with one or two coughs occassionally. I am so so so relieved.

10 thoughts on “Nanny is Back!!!”

  1. his shirt super cute..!! fits the hyper description of him.. glad that everyone is well now!

    oh ya, been meaning to ask you bout the software you use to edit yr pics. is it a template type or did u design it all? looks like alot of work..very nice!

  2. Immomsdaughter: Yeah.. exactly how I felt. :P

    Mom2Ashley: Thankss

    Mag: Oh, use Photoshop and some FOC kits found on the web. Later I gv u sidu’s URL :P

    Jazzmint: Yeah lor.. this is the one. But think the outcome not so good. Must practise more. Thanks for the tip.

    Nadia: Hahaa. thanks.

    BlueRanger: SAHM – NOT EASY AT ALL. Salute salute…

    Jessie, Amah: Thanksss…

    Nadia: Heehee.. yeah.. I saw already. Wait ar.. I do later. Must think first what weird things about me.

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