Mommy’s Birthday.

On the 30th March…

I celebrated my 3xth birthday. It’s a scary number to even think of but since there aren’t anything I could do to change the fact, I might as well embrace it with open heart. Ha ha..

As usual, I woke up early that day to prep Ryan for school. After he left for school (YehYeh sends him to school everyday. Yes I know how fortunate I am), I was hoping to catch a cat nap but lil B was already awake by then. So there dashed my hope.

After picking Ryan up from school, I met up with other mommies from Ryan’s school for lunch. We had our lunch at … (reminds me I have to go find out the name of the restaurant. lol). Anyways, food was delish. I’m definitely going back for more.



In evening, I met hubby down town. We had planned to eat at Shooks plus I need to replenish my skincare from Sephora so naturally Starhill was an obvious choice.

After much thoughts i changed my mind about Shooks because I was still very full from my lunch. Unfortunately (for hubs), eventhough in the end we didn’t eat at Shooks, that didn’t save him from burning a hole in his pocket after he surprised me the green light to buy my dream bag as birthday present. Yoohooooooo



After our shopping, we proceeded to Santouka at Toyko Street for some ramen. The food was so so yet I couldn’t stop beaming from ear to ear peeping at the paper bag shoved under our table. He he..

By the time we reached home, the kids were already asleep. So we had a simple cake cutting session the next day with the them instead.

My newfound love… Idylle Speedy 30 with strap. Finally you are in mama’s arms. Yay!



I’m one happy wife, one who is easily pleased. I’m glad hubby is always generous on me. Thank you my love. ❤❤❤



5 thoughts on “Mommy’s Birthday.”

  1. eh.. the bag looks kind of big .. ha… I tot you bought it in Macau.

    The husband of yours, said no, but action speaks louder than words … I know he would surprise u with the bag!

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