The years gap

Ryan @ 5 years 11 months
Lil B @ 2 years 2 months

Just the other day, someone commented the boys don’t look like they are 4 years apart.

Apparently Darren look like he was 3 while the kor kor being on a leaner scale look like he was 5. I’m not surprised by the comment.

Pics taken @ Publika after attending Alisya’s 7th year old party.

Darren is a big fan of Ryan. He sees his kor kor as his idol. Whatever kor kor does, he will follow suit. Whatever kor kor says, he will parrot. Sometime back I read an article that says 2nd child do learn faster by imitating their elder sibling’s speech and actions; I couldn’t agree more. It’s a fact without denial. At least in my case and I’m glad despite the occasional fights, they get along together most of the time.

Monkey faces

Bought them bubble swords and they had a swell of time playing with them. Simple & affordable toys that brought smiles on their face.


2 thoughts on “The years gap”

  1. Yvonne, your younger is definitely looking more like you.:)

    very cute to see all the pics of the 2 brothers. :)

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