The Tooth Fairy

Ryan @ 5 years 11 months

A few days shy from being 6 years old, Ryan lose his 2nd tooth. He dropped his first milk tooth on the 12 December 2011. So he is pretty seasoned about what’s going to happen the second time round.

Ryan’s first and second milk teeth were extracted by the dentist. The first time we didn’t really get a choice. His permanent tooth was sprouting out so we brought him to the dentist as soon as we felt the bottom central incisor (left) was shaky enough to bid its farewell. Despite appearing a bit scared, the whole dentist experience was fast and uneventful for Ryan. He was a brave boy!

Come second time, he wanted the tooth removed the moment he felt the shake. I persuaded him to be patient so to minimize the pain.

About a week or so later, Ryan told me his tooth is ready. So after his Bao Bei class on the 9th April 2012, we walked into the dental clinic without appointment. It was spontaneous and fortunately there was no other patient at that time. The whole process from the moment we registered to payment took less than 15 minutes. There goes his second bottom central incisor (right). Another milestone! Good job boy.

Dentist checking on his teeth. Apparently Ryan needs a filling on one of his right premolars.

Gau dim!

That night, he said he wants to draw about his visit to the dentist..




Just before he doze off that night, suddenly he jumped out of his bed screaming for his fallen tooth. Why? Because he had forgotten to place the tooth under his pillow for the tooth fairy. Yes, Ryan believes in existence of Tooth Fairies because the first time his tooth dropped, the ‘tooth fairy’ gave him stickers.

This time round, he got this.. (Afterthought: Too generous! Pray he won’t be expecting more in the tooth fairy’s next visit)


Another addition to his tooth album.. See you again, soon?





4 thoughts on “The Tooth Fairy”

  1. wah… so generous one … 1 tooth costs RM10!!

    I have to double up the money too, because the girl asked for it .. ;) in fact, she said she wants to have the whole bed full of money just because of 1 tooth …

  2. rm10 definitely very generous..;) but long he was cooperative during the dentist session. everything went smooth was most important!

  3. Yvonne, how do you find this dr? I personally haven’t been to him before but he attended qiqi before. I had a not very nice experience with another dr there.

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