Ryan’s First Story Book

@ 6 years 1 day

I was blog hopping the other and read about Malaika’s ‘story book‘. I thought that was really cute.

Last week while Ryan was doing his drawing, I asked if he is interested to write a story book. He was excited and enthusiastic about the whole idea.

Title: My Big Building



(Small details: Car was drawn before the building and the little man inside the building)

(The car is now drawn after the building. I like it he paid attention to small details)

(The building has a bomb and the helicopter was there for rescue work. Little man is safe now. )



I asked him later where did he get the inspiration to his story. Bomb in building? No.. We never exposed him to violent medias. Well, he explained he was writing a story about building implosion. That I’m not surprised because Ryan is always fascinated with architectural of a building, how they were built, how people demolish old building for new one etc…

His story still need improvement here and there but is great effort coming from a 6 year old’s work. He proudly declare his ‘My Big Building’ story book is the latest addition to his book shelf.

*** the end ***

4 thoughts on “Ryan’s First Story Book”

  1. Good job Ryan. He has good imagination. I too was inspired by Malaika and started one for ashley…..hehhehee

  2. Wow…you moms are amazing! I have not done that with my boy because he’s always telling me stories until my ear hurts :P

    Maybe I should try this so he’ll focus on the book instead!

    Ryan’s helicopter is so cute!!! I don’t think I can draw one like that…

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