Ryan’s 6th Birthday Celebration (Part 2)

Cont. from here.

Ryan’s birthday falls on a Monday, so we conveniently celebrated it on his birthday eve which falls on Sunday.

My mom bought Ryan a cake. This type of traditional cake is the BEST and yummiest, at least to me! We had earlier bought more Elmo cuppies when we went to Ben’s for lunch with mom.


Like most siblings, they fight for everything, including who gets to blow the candles. So we had to light up the candles not once, not twice, but several times until they are both satisfied. T_____T



Asked them to pose for pics, this is what I get. Haiz…

Little one still monkeying…



5 thoughts on “Ryan’s 6th Birthday Celebration (Part 2)”

  1. They both are so cute!! I love seeing them showing monkey faces when u asked them to pose. hahahaha….

  2. Happy Birthday Ryan. May you be blessed with good health and lots of happiness always.
    Ryan is really looking mature now. how fast they all grow. lil B is really starting to show his cheekiness now.. hope to see yr boys some day :)

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