Matching PJs

Ryan @ 6 years 2 months
Lil B @ 2 years 5 months




Absolutely love the boys in matching outfit. So cute! I doubt they will like the idea of matching brothers outfit when they are older. By then they would probably only want matching ‘couple’ outfit with their girlfriend.


That’s Darren wearing one of Ryan’s creation. It’s supposed to be the bull’s horns. Ryan’s school is teaching the students about Spain so the bull thing explains.

Sidetrack. Speaking of bullfighting, I, personally am not a fan to say the least.

I watched my first and last live bullfighting show back in 1999 in Barcelona, Spain. I still remember we were interviewed by their local TV newsmen for our thoughts of the sports just before we were ushered into the stadium. Being young and naive, I remember we told the newsman how much we looked forward to the show! *bummer* Ha ha ha…

After the show, I swear I will not support the sport again. It was pure cruelty watching how the bulls were baited and killed in the ring as the crowd cheered on. It was an eye opener for me.

… Well, then again, that’s entirely my thoughts. Who am I to judge another country’s tradition which could be traced back since 1726 right? No? Yes? . 😂😱😂 ha ha ha…


2 thoughts on “Matching PJs”

  1. haha….hence, its better to watch robot fights like Real Steel hor…the boys looks close to each other. Do they fight too at home?

  2. Did you manage to get the photos in Spain? I couldn’t find mine. Need to bring out all the albums to find one by one.

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