Studio Shoot

Ryan @ 6 years 2 months
Lil B @ 2 years 5 months

I bought a studio shoot deal with Creative Visual Studio for RM150 from Groupon. It comes with 2 hours shoot, 1 20 pages Photobook and 4 pcs of 4R prints. Ryan had his first studio shoot when he was about 2 so it’s only fair Darren get his share now. ❤☺


The above pic was taken back in 2008 when Ryan was about 2+ years old. How time flies. He was so cute then, still with the baby fats! (ok, he’s still cute now but in a handsome way 😜😝)

So the day came. Both boys were in cheery mood so the session went really smooth.


Lil B was really easy to shoot. He was cooperative and able to take instructions. Even the photographer, Feeq commented how easy it was to shoot Darren. We were just glad it’s all over with.

We were given the full 192 shots taken in the span of 30 minutes. there were some good and bad shots.

This is one of the good ones.



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