A Cut on Ryan’s Lips

@ 11 months 3 weeks 5 days


I came home to find MIL wiping blood from Ryan’s mouth. The story is like this. Apparently my baby had slipped, fell flat and cut his own lips while practising his walk-walk at nanny’s place this morning.

After so many hours by right the wound should have dried up so when MIL saw Ryan drooling blood she panicked and suggested I visit the paed. I assured her it could merely because Ryan had rubbed his lips to something and caused friction to the wound. Afterall, the cut was on the outside centre of his lips (top and bottom). That explains how easy it is to bleed again. Heehee.. MIL is like me, always kan-cheong.. the better be safe than sorry type.

Anyways, nanny’s side of story is that Ryan had stepped on his PJ pants, unable to balance and fell. Huh?? I don’t understand how could that be possible when the PJ that I put on Ryan last night was infact a bit short wor.. Hmmm.. nvm la. Just hope this lesson will teach nanny to be more careful. Must drop some hints to her tomorrow. **Blehhh**

From my naked eye the cut wasn’t too deep so I was pretty relieved and therefor have again concluded the lack of need to bring Ryan to paed. This time round I am pretty calm (Yeh!!) Maybe partly because I have kinda anticipated no baby can survive the walking phase without any bumps and falls. It’s part of a baby’s growing process. Just hope the little *accidents* would not warrant any need to see the paed.

Ryan showed no signs of distress nor being in pain. Was happily messing up with his toys as usual though blood was seen dripping onto his top (suspect his sleepmate is the culprit). Was a painful sight to watch… afterall, it’s BLOOD!! So I quickly first aided Ryan. Ran through his hanky with cold water and held it to the cut area on his lips (centre top and bottom) to stop the bleeding. As expected Ryan was very against it so I have to repeat the process a few times while distracting him with other things. So difficult to trick this baby nowadays.

Poor baby… Recover fast fast fast ya…..

Poor baby in ZZZz-land (sob…think a bit swollen at the centre)

15 thoughts on “A Cut on Ryan’s Lips”

  1. poor Ryan…hopefully his nanny gives more attention to him after this episode.

    thumb up to mummy too..this time could stay calm..

  2. aww poor thing but luckily he is ok about it though….
    i think falls and bruises happens but then to see them with a bruise or a cut also damn kesian right?

  3. Luckily he’s ok. Accidents are bound to happen at this stage as they are not expert walkers. Just have to keep a close eye

  4. next time can use ice cube to stop bleeding.I think i blog about it when my boys went back to sarawak during chinese new year, and Fearles was playing with a coconut and fell over and cut his lips on the cement floor. I can see the fresh blood is “flowing” out.I was frighted, immediate i get my maid to get some ice cube on his lips to stop bleeding.And he like to play with ice cube too.So one stone kill two birds lo.After all, ya he did get a swallon lips, and i can see the cut.Need sometime to cure.

  5. no worries, think the cut is not that deep. Can not see fr the pic too! Every baby can not escape to ‘fall’ b4 can walk w stable. so, relax mummy! :-D

  6. I must say although we’re very very sum thong, most of the time the kids are more hardy than we think, and their wound tend to heal very fast :D

  7. How is he now? The bleeding should have stop by now. Are boys really more difficult to handle than girls?

  8. Can’t really avoid accident like this to happen. It even happeed once to my boy when he was standing by my side on the sofa, then out of sudden he lost balance & fell down, broke his lips & bleed too. It was so fast that I can’t even react to it.

    Luckily the bleeding stop in a while and he was ok.

  9. don’t all our kids have to go thru this? kylie hurt herself yesterday but she cried like for 5 seconds? ayo..that girl is so tough..

  10. Ouch! I can feel the pain for the mommy and ryan. Grace fell also when she started learning to crawl and out of desperation because can’t find me and fell flat on her face and cut the inner lip.

    No worries, young tot heals fast. As long as still can suck and drink milk, shouldn’t be a problem.

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