Happy & Sad Moment

@ 11 months 4 weeks 1 day

In two days’ time Ryan will turn one. No more a baby, but a toddler soon. The countdown is finally rolling and we have decided to celebrate the occassion at my mom’s place today. I ordered a cake from Mama Min of Ryan’s fav characters (Baby Bright 2) plus his fav basket ball. Was really looking forward to receive it this morning. Unfortunately as you can see from the pic, the cake was a little dented and the figurine in the middle looked as if he has got splashes of water on him (heehee.. actually quite funny).. . Why? Why the dent? Well, apparently the cake had a little accident while on its way to my house this morning. That’s why lor. Poor cake. Really appreciate Min’s effort in trying to fix the cake. :P

Poor black baby. Splashed with water all over face and body. :P

The basketball is actually a candle.. so cute!!

Ryan’s birthday pressie

This is what happened when we pretend to snatch it away

Ryan’s cousins (three musketeers from left: Aisyah, Atiqah & Sean) who kept Ryan entertained during the party.. Pretty obvious two of them are siblings heh..the identical smile :P

I love this pic.. Happily smiling there while watching himself on the video taken during his party earlier

OK… here comes the sad sad part. Ryan as usual was walking all around the room. In like nanoseconds when neither hubs nor my eyes were on him, he slipped and fell. Actually not exactly Ryan slipped rather the playpen cos the wheels were not braked. Ryan cried a bit and was easily soothed shortly after Daddy brought him for a walk around the house. However, when they came back to room, my heart almost stopped beating when I saw blood oozing from Ryan’s right eye. I quickly cleaned him up and saw a scratch on exactly the corner of his eye but his inner eye looks okay to me. The scratch (a small cut) was not serious so I suspect it could be the tears that exaggerated the seriousness of it. But that doesnt stopped me from worrying…. I hope his eye is really okay and not merely my pandai pandai assumption. We’re scheduled to bring Ryan for MMR jab tomorrow so will get paed to check. Arrgghh.. I need assurance from paed.

An awful mark as a result of the fall near Ryan’s right eye

11 thoughts on “Happy & Sad Moment”

  1. Happy 1st Birthday Ryan! The cake looked very nice and colourful.

    Poor mommy….don’t worry. I’m sure Ryan is fine. Did he rub his eye? If not, it should be ok :)

  2. Happy Birthday Ryan! Nowadays, cake decoration getting more attractive than last time lor..

    Poor Ryan, got blood somemore…

    BTW, Ryan very cute la..somemore handsome too..

  3. Happy Birthday, Ryan! The cake is cute and so is his smile =)

    Poor guy…to fall on 1st birthday. He looks OK – keep us updated ya.

  4. Happy, happy 1st birthday, Ryan. Auntie Binky (Shirley) knows you love the John Deere steering wheel, ya? Your cake looks awesome too! You poor little thing… hurt yourself again. Hope you get well soon, don’t let your mommy worry too much! Ta-ta!

  5. oh dear….very heartbreaking to see your own baby bleeding ya! so far, ashley has fell down many times but haven’t bled yet la (fingers crossed)
    happy 1 st bday ryan!

  6. Happy 1st birthday Ryan!!
    The cake look very nice lei!
    Dont worry,i’m sure Ryan is ok.He still a handsome boy la..;)

  7. Happy 1st Birthday Ryan! The gash on his eye quite long hoh, but it seems okay, thankfully he’s ok and ddn’t kena the eye.

  8. Oh NO! Cut near the eye. Hmm i guess its normal for kids to jatuh once in a while. Thats why when he is walking…make it baby proof. Anyway Kiss kiss and hugs hugs for Ryan who turned one!

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