Ryan @ 6 years 3 months

Saw Ryan occupied at his table. I didn’t pay much attention assuming he was into some art and craft work. After all, art and craft is what he likes to do during his spare time (when he’s not allowed to his iPad).

After a while, he called out to me “Mommy, is this your signature?”. This is what I discovered.


I must say he was pretty good at it. It’s not exactly the same but without closer look, it would have passed a cheque at the bank, if only that’s my real signature. Haha..

Not long after this, the fella actually attempted to sign off on my behalf on his homework book. He erased it but i saw the pencil mark. When i asked him why he did that, he gave me the one million dollar question mark look. As of I wasn’t mad enough, he topped it up with a question “Mommy, can I use this as my signature?” *faint*

I assumed he was just playful. I shall not anticipate something along the line when he receive his progress book next time, right? No? Boy, oh boy.. They are growing up too fast, too scary.

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