The offer letter

Ryan @ 6 years 3 months

After more than a year, we received the offer letter from the school we applied for last year. Now that we received this letter, P1 seem surreal and near. Mmm…


Sidetrack. About a month ago Ryan asked me which Primary school he’ll be going to. I told him ‘I have not decided’ which is of course a lie. We have pretty much decided which school for him and had made the necessary registration after burning a deep hole in hub’s our pocket. I’m not surprised with Ryan’s question. He likes to ask me all sorts of funny and at times annoying questions, either to test my patience or he was itching for lectures. It is with conversation like below, often I feel like banging my head on the wall.

In the car on the way home from school.

R: Mommy, I want to go to a nice school.
M: You are going to a normal school. Period.
R: Does it has a swimming pool (his current kindy has a tiny waddle pool).
M: I’m not too sure about that. You should count your blessing that you’re able to go school to learn. Stop demanding.
R: *quiet for a few minutes*
R: Mommy, if my school is not nice, I’ll just quit!
M: -o-o- (More lecturing from me then on)

So, that’s my first born. Super spoiled and arrogant. Faint or not?


5 thoughts on “The offer letter”

  1. which sch jor? now, most private school is going international and the fees, naturally increase by 30%.

  2. you still need to inform the govt school that u r not attending? or pretend to register for the just-in-case?

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