Wakey Wakey Mummy!!!!

@ 1 year 3 days

I find it a bit strange to start off the post with the word 1 year (@ 1 year 3 days). Not quite used to it and kinda unbelievable that my baby is now 1 year old already!!! Arrgghh.. I know I know.. So, the post title above speaks it all, WAKE UP WAKE UP MUMMY~~. Kekeke…

Anyways, allow me to do this last one plus another one year milestone. K? *Blehhh*

When Ryan was younger (ard 3 months+++) he was so chubby then that he falls under the 90 percentile babies. However when Ryan started to crawl, his weight came to be more managable and his growth is now back to the average 75 percentile. The last time his length and weight was taken was last Sunday. He stood at 80cm and 10.2kg. Still quite a handful. Phew~~

Anyways, a snapshot of Ryan’s journey in the last 12 months….

12 thoughts on “Wakey Wakey Mummy!!!!”

  1. its just amazing when you look at their photos during the first year. Its like you cant believe they have grown right before your eyes. Love the 5 months photo

  2. Love the photo compilation. Ryan is such a cutie. 10.2kg….that’s almost as heavy as Ashley and she is turning 2 next mth.

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