Morning Goodbyes~~

@ 1 year 2 weeks 3 days

Ryan always gave me that ‘look’ on his face whenever I dropped him off at nanny’s. He was not angry, he was definitely not happy, just that expressionless face. At times if mummy is lucky, she gets to see a reluctant smile on her baby’s face (err.. u know those smiles as a result of funny face we made). When she is not so lucky, she has to leave a crying baby behind. Anyways, in a nutshell, a smiley goodbye wave is rare. It’s probably easier to get struck by lightning than to get Ryan to wave bye bye to mummy. *Blehhh….*

All these months I got so used to the morning routine that I have casted to stone the assumption Ryan is simply not a mummy’s boy; mummy’s always the bad one in the family so no goodbye for this fierce mummy…. until…. this day. The day I realised how wrong I was to make that assumption when I discovered Ryan will never waved goodbye if he actually wants to follow. Example when Daddy reversed his car, I’ll coax Ryan to wave bye-bye to Daddy and pretend that we’re not following. Ryan will then show his typical morning face (thinking back, it’s actually quite a pitiful sad face) until we get into the car that’s when he’ll be smiley again. I spotted him behaving that way on several other occassions and for as many times enough to convince I was sooooo wrong to have *accused* my baby for not loving his mummy, for not bothering to smile, wave goodbye when mummy leaves for work.
Sorry baby… if only mummy could read your mind…………

10 thoughts on “Morning Goodbyes~~”

  1. it’s always hard to kiss gbye with kids, they are all teary and our heartbreaks…but I’m one tough hard rock fella LOL

  2. thankfully when i place ashley in her car seat before hubs drive off to drop her at mil’s place, she is still in dreamland… at least i dont feel so bad

  3. Alah, kesiannya. Irfan doesn’t mind waving bye bye to me, but not to Irwan. He will refuse to look at him when we drive off. Daddy’s boy betul!

  4. i can understand..Jo was the one like Ryan always showed me about his sad face whenever i left him in nanny’s place.

  5. I was abt to tell you that point where u think ur baby doesn’t like u because u r the fierce one. My personal theory is no matter how fierce n strict I am, my son will still come back to me n he respected my order even though he cries in protest. ;)

  6. Rowena is happy to go to her nanny;s but even happier when I pick her in the evenings. At both occasion, she will happily wave bye bye. HArvynna is the opposite. She frowns when she arrives and frowns when we leave!!

  7. Last time my princesses oso like tat, but when they grow older and know am going to work, they won’t ‘lou gai’ anymore!

  8. DArrius will wave but as long as I’m with him he’s fine but if someone is holding him and I’m getting in the car without him… he will scream!

  9. Yeah…it’s hard to wave goodbye to your child. For me, I can’t wave goodbye as Ashley will want to follow me and starts crying. So, I have to hide or run away really quick :D

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