Teething Spell Again

@ 1 year 2 weeks 6 days

It’s the teething spell again. This time it’s one after another. Ryan now has 11 teeth in total – right first molar already 80% visible, left first molar 60% and his right canine is just cutting out between his molar and incisors. Gosh.. no wonder the poor fella has been very clingy and cranky over the last week. So many eruptions at one go….

We went to MV again for dinner last night. We walked into Memory Lane with the intention of getting a card. That’s when Ryan landed his eyes on the balloons on display. He started to scream ‘Ehhhh… Ehhh…. Ehhh…..!!!‘ pointing at the balloons. Actually, I have no idea why Ryan just had this *thing* about balloons. He just love them….

Anyways, I assumed I could get an easy way out as usual. What I did was I pulled out one of the balloons and pass it to Ryan and continue my stroll in the store. When about to leave, that was when the whole drama began. Ryan refused to let go of the ballon (usually he’ll just let go.. guess he’s getting smarter now) and started to wail and wail. Everybody was staring at this little drama prince, probably hoping to watch a good spanking show… Kekeke.. nah… anyways, I gave in… afterall, I know he’s been longing for one for quite a while already. But hor.. if you see his *muka sepuluh sen* (pitiful sad face), you would give in too….

Pic taken this morning when mummy refused to carry the little fella. This is an example of the pitiful face Ryan would show his mummy.. Aaah… how could I possibly say no leh…..

13 thoughts on “Teething Spell Again”

  1. cham la..he started to demand something liao..next time you go kai kai sure he will demand more..actually if you wanna buy him something, try not to buy in front of him..

  2. hahah.. i know what u mean. sometimes i try to be stern to joel, but when he looks so pitiful, very hard to resist.

    i heard that molars are a real headache. how long does it takes for the whole cranky episode to be over? Joel is showing signs of teething n so cranky.. i cannot imagine when the molars come out.. sigh..

  3. yeah.. some how kids have this thing about baloons..

    Tht’s why e.time I go shopping.. I’ll go look for free baloon hand out.. :P

    Wah.. he so fast has molars sprouting already..

  4. FOOWAH! 11 teeth already?? Irfan has 7 thus far. But previously he just drools, doesn’t get cranky and all, and I’m hoping that it’ll stay that way! :P

    Irfan loves balloons too!!!

  5. yea..my boys love ballons too, they call ballons = balls. Whenever they see anything round also ball *roll eye*

  6. Ugh…I’m going through this period as well with 2 upper canine teeth coming out. It’s crying, crying, crying, carry, carry, carry :P

  7. Wow – 11 teeth?? I am wondering when Rowena will have more teeth. Currently, she only has 4!!

  8. Huisia: It was the first time he reacted that way. Hv to start teaching him edi, else he may think he could get what he want by wailing.

    mom2ashley: hey, u delivered edi???

    Mag: Easier to say than done lor..

    ZaraMama: Me also..but it’s always when you want it, you dont get it.

    M2A: Yeah.. he’s pretty advanced in teething

    Nicole: Yeah, weather is crazy these days

    Nadia: Aiyoh.. how are you ar?

    Annie: Hahaha… everything also ballssss for them huh.

    Kitty: So ‘sun toong’ hor .. must be painful.

    Sasha: Where you usually hung out? Next time I sms u.. :P

    Hmom: It’s okay, the later they come, the later they drop… ryan’s gonna be teethless before Primary I think.. kekeke..

  9. wah piang..so many teeth liao!!

    i think vyktore oso same, everytime teething sure gimme probs :(

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