Ryan’s First Hair Cut

@ 1 year 3 weeks 1 day

The time has finally come for us to bring Ryan for his very first hair cut. Not that Ryan has a lot of hair, basically is to get the hair out of his ear, eyes, and of course to make him more coiffed and organised. No more the mushy mushy look. So we brought him to a salon at Cheras Selatan for the occasion. There was no booster chair for babies, I think they are not expecting many baby clients. So, this jelly mummy became the booster chair for the little fella. *Blehhh*

Anyways, Ryan behaved extremely well. He just sat there, rolling his eyes up and down observing his surrounding. **Mummy also rolled her eyes there** Such a good baby. The whole episode was such a bliss. Good job Ryan!!!!!

The damage: RM15 (Phew~~~ expensive)

Also, a short clip of Ryan during the haircut…

18 thoughts on “Ryan’s First Hair Cut”

  1. well done, Ryan.

    Not like Malaika, cried soooo much, until coughing.

    Terry went for another haircut at the same place. She cried when I carried her in the hair cut shop. Her memory so good meh?

  2. Good Job Ryan! he is so cute! he was still laughing when that lady was cutting his hair!! :)

  3. Good boy! He looks so handsome!!! :) But why so expensive?? Irfan had his hair cut at a barber and it cost us RM 6. Itupun Irwan said mahal.. hahaha!

  4. MM: Wow.. so long already wor. Still remember? You cannot bring her to the same salon next time.

    Min: Yeah lor.. funny lil fella.

    Nadia: A much *cleaner* look now..Yeah, very very pricey!!! Maybe because they are in Jusco. Hubs’ haircut cost him RM65. Gila…. Think we will not go back.

  5. Good boy Ryan. So cute after the haircut. Wow…not much hair but they still charge so much??? Must be 5 star hair saloon :D

  6. u knw wht, b4 CNY, me n my MIL did brought Ethan go Indian Barber Shop for hair cut, the fella cried n shouted during the hair cut, bt luckily the job still done.
    then last weekends, my MIL intend to bring Ethan to hav another hair cut, u knw wht, he can recongize the place, he cried and shouted again. And this time, the indian barber refused to cut his hair. i thk he scare the lil fella already.

  7. Ryan such a good boy, somemore can laugh!hahaha..My boys ar, haven’t start the hair cut already cry!I bring them to those indian barber too.

  8. Good Job Ryan! He’s so cute la..seems like very enjoying le..haha, unlike Jo, crying non-stop.

  9. $15 for a baby hair cut? too expensive ler..just tat few hair wor..haha
    next time DIY lor :p

  10. Wow, he can sit so nice when cutting without grabbing the scissor. I don’t think small boy so sit alone with hair cut yet…better we carry them..RM15 is a bit pricy..RM6 is the price for kids.

  11. Good boy, Ryan!

    BTW RM15 for kids bit exp. lar, there are a lot of saloon in Sg. Long & Mahkota Cheras, price bet Rm5-10.

  12. The hair cut reminded me of my sonJosh. He really like going to the same ahpek’s saloon. He really like the old man cutting his hair.
    Just for info, i came from Judy’s blog. Hi and Happy Mommies Day.

  13. M2C: Aahh.. kena slaughtered la.

    Esther: Wah.. Ethan quite fierce also huh.

    Annie: Wah.. yr twins cry ma double blow lor..2 of them wor.

    HuiSia: Why babies like to cry during hair cut?? Hmm..

    BR: Donno why he was so happy

    HM: Like Ryan la.. oni few strands of hair.

    Msaufong: V tried DIY last time on the side. Disaster la.. I blogged abt it under ‘Bad Hair Day’.

    Judy: I kena slaughtered la..

    Sasha: Kau lui ar?? Maybe.. since he gave that ‘hiow’ smile..

    CPM: Hubs la, they even charged my hubs RM65 for wash and cut. Heaven!

    Jazz: Hahaha.. yeah lor. I’m impressed.

    PapaJoneh: Thanks for dropping by. At least Josh has no prob cutting his hair. Oh.. I hope this will stay.. Ryan will not gv mummy a hard time.

    Angeleyes: Kekeke.. yeah lor. So glad… Phew~~

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