Annual Swimming Gala

Ryan @ 6 years 9 months

The annual swimming gala will be held end of February.

This afternoon they had a qualifying session for those who are interested to participate. Ryan said he was keen so off we went for the pre selection session at 3.30pm and of all days today it had to be scorching hot. No amount of SPF is enough to protect my skin from the damage.

We were there from 3.30pm to 5.00pm. Many parents were around to cheer their kids. Ryan’s best friend Isaac pulled out the last minute.

Ryan was the youngest in the group. I was worried for his safety because there were too many students around in and out of pool.

Finally it was Ryan’s turn. The requirement was to complete 4 laps but house captain allowed the younger swimmers to make do with 1 lap (50m).






Time taken and shortly after the house captain came to announce to us “HE MADE IT!”. He’s expected to turn up for the rehearsal and final selection round at Cempaka International Ladies College in Sepang this Friday.

Edited to add (31/1/13): I’ve decided to pull Ryan out from the event. I figured he’s too young to participate in such big event (involves 2 campuses). Secondly, the gala day falls on the eve of his English and Math test day. We shall give it a miss. Nevertheless, I’m very proud of him. Being the youngest there, he did really well. 👍👍.


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